Donation campain of DANAU AD

Help more children to be born in Bulgaria!


Donating electronic scrap or out-of-use electronic equipment and old useless electronics

We, DANAU team:

We donate 50% of the income of the donated e-scrap for In Vitro procedures to  families in need.


Mobile phones , computers , laptops , servers routers, modems, other old and useless equipment.


At the centers and events organized by us. Expect more information about the nearest donation center.

If you are a company, please contact us via mobile:

00359 876 000 100

Everyone has got several mobile phones and old computer equipment, unnecessary and forgotten somewhere in the home or office, which, if disposed of, pollute the environment with their toxic batteries and components.

We grind and recycle electronic scrap, we extract almost all non-ferrous materials and metals. They are input directly in production through stock markets, and do not return back into the petroleum and chemical industry.

Thus, DANAU AD reduce the cycle of the production processes that pollute and damage the environment and with the current campaign we strive to make unnecessary electronics a good cause for our society.

DONATING E-SCRAP YOU PROVIDE MORE HAPPY PARENTS AND SMILING CHILDREN! Donating electronic scrap we turn it into smiles together!!!

DanAu AD is a licensed processor of out-of-use electronic equipment.


We appeal to you!

Get rid of the out-of-use electronics!

Donate for a new life!

Protect the environment!

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They supported us:

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How to find us?

Find the closest donation centre to you! Coming soon!

Адрес: ул. „Подграмада“ 39,
кв. Бояна, 1616 София

If you are a family that needs In Vitro procedures, please join us and become a beneficiary of our campaign. Please provide us with your  contact details. Тhe beneficiaries will be drawn on a lottery basis.